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Our Board

Ronnie Collins

I first learned to ride when I was only five years old. That was over 40 years ago. Since then, I have owned, and ridden motorcycles of all kinds. Dirt, street, foreign and domestic. My favorite motorcycle has always been the one I was riding at that exact moment. I am originally from Memphis, TN. but my mother was born and raised here, so I have always had a lot of family here. I am a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and I am also proud to be a member of The Marine Riders Las Vegas. I have a strong passion for the extremely diverse riding community we have here in the Las Vegas area.  I am the creator and founder of a Facebook group called Rider S.O.S. – Las Vegas. A group dedicated to helping fellow riders in need of assistance.


We currently have over 4,000 members listed. My awesome wife, Candy Collins, Tawyna Rosenthal, and William Harp provide their excellent services in helping me to maintain the group. Our members post alerts such as a rider being stranded due to mechanical reasons, out of gas, dangerous road, and or traffic conditions, and the unfortunate situation if a fellow rider has been involved in an accident. I look forward to remaining a part of this awesome riding community for many more years to come.

William Harp

I have been riding off and on since age 15: Street, Sport, Sport Touring, Cruiser and Adventure. First bike was a Honda CB125 and current bike is Yamaha Super Tenere, with a Kawasaki ZX10R for track. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and work in Information Technology at a bank. Riding has meant different things to me over the years: from being cool, having fun, and breaking the law, to going on trips with friends and family.


I ride with groups that have similar interests and wear their gear and follow most of the rules of the road. It’s more about the camaraderie and sharing the experience with others. I’ve ridden North to Alaska and South to Cabo San Lucas. I’ve ridden 1,580 miles in a day or 120 miles around Las Vegas. I’ve been to Sturgis, Street Vibrations, Laughlin River Run and Bike Fest. I believe in constantly learning and have taken MSF 3 times, Total Control, Crooked Raven, Legal Ride riding clinics and numerous track days.

Nate “Pancho” Scott

Nate rides and that’s all you need to know about Nate!

Rachel “Fire” Su

Rachel is a Vegas native, born into a family of motorcycle enthusiasts. Taught to ride at a young age by her father, she has continued to expand her riding skills over the last 17 years. She is an active member of the Las Vegas motorcycle community, supporting women motorcyclists, safety and charities within the area.

Tawnya “Angel” Rosenthal

I am a Las Vegas native.  I grew up around motorcycles, taking my first ride at under a year old.  It has always been a passion to ride from very young, however my health wouldn’t permit it.  I was married to a rider and had many great adventures with him and our friends. My wildest adventure was California to Sturgis, but have been to Florida as well as up to Maine all as a passenger.


 At 38 I decided to feed my need to ride, and purchased my first trike. Since then, I have started learning on two wheels, though I do not get out as much as I want. It is a constant learning adventure for me, and you will often find me on the back with a friend, or in a lot with my son riding our minibikes.  I enjoy being a passenger just as much as riding, especially on my bad days. I am very passionate about rider safety, education, and awareness. I enjoy our riding community very much and feel the people within the community are truly my family.


Tawyna is known as the most selfless and caring person within the Las Vegas biker community!