Rider SOS | Our Board
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Our Board

Tawnya Rosenthal

I am a Las Vegas native.  I grew up around motorcycles, taking my first ride at under a year old.  It has always been a passion to ride from very young, however my health wouldn’t permit it.  I was married to a rider and had many great adventures with him and our friends. My wildest adventure was California to Sturgis, but have been to Florida as well as up to Maine all as a passenger.

At 38 I decided to feed my need to ride, and purchased my first trike. Since then, I have converted to two wheels, though I do not get out as much as I want. It is a constant learning adventure for me, and you will often find me on the back with a friend, in a lot with my son riding our minibikes, or hitting the trails on dirt bikes.  I enjoy being a passenger just as much as riding solo, especially on my bad days. I am very passionate about rider safety, education, and awareness. I enjoy our riding community very much and feel the people within the community are truly my family.

Tawnya is known as the most selfless and caring person within the Las Vegas biker community!

William Harp

I have been riding off and on since age 15: Street, Sport, Sport Touring, Cruiser and Adventure. First bike was a Honda CB125 and current bike is Yamaha Super Tenere, with a Kawasaki ZX10R for track. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and work in Information Technology at a bank. Riding has meant different things to me over the years: from being cool, having fun, and breaking the law, to going on trips with friends and family.


I ride with groups that have similar interests and wear their gear and follow most of the rules of the road. It’s more about the camaraderie and sharing the experience with others. I’ve ridden North to Alaska and South to Cabo San Lucas. I’ve ridden 1,580 miles in a day or 120 miles around Las Vegas. I’ve been to Sturgis, Street Vibrations, Laughlin River Run and Bike Fest. I believe in constantly learning and have taken MSF 3 times, Total Control, Crooked Raven, Legal Ride riding clinics and numerous track days.

Stephanie Carlson

Stephanie is an outgoing and valued member of our team!  You will find her at the majority of our events and fundraisers, always with a smile and a warm welcome.  Stephanie can be found riding with her husband some days or on her own trike on others, you never know!

Victor Ramirez

My life as a rider started around the age of 12, I have been riding ever since. My affinity for motorcycles led me to buy my first Harley at an AAFES dealership in 2007 on camp Stryker in Iraq from a cardboard cutout on the wall which I picked up a year later in San Jose, California. I have been riding Harleys since then religiously. I have been all over the Midwest and into Mexico as a rider and have ridden in Hawaii as well. I have been part of a large motorcycle club for many years and we stress good riding skills through mentorship and lots of miles on the road. I have also while in the military taken multiple riding classes and can say now that I am an extremely confident and talented rider. I take it seriously though as it can be and is inherently dangerous to ride on two wheels versus four wheels so proper safety equipment is a must for myself nowadays and proper licensing and quality tires along with all other components of the bike in working order are paramount for safety when riding with me or just me riding by myself. 

I served seven years in the U.S. Army in the Engineer Corp from June 2006 till January 2013. I originally was a 21-E but was switched to a 12-N; during both of my deployments I did route clearance, and personal security detail in the gun turret of a HMMWV and MRAP. I was in Iraq in 2007 and again in 2008. I am now medically retired and considered disabled by the V.A. with a rating of over 60%. I am currently as of October 2020 the sitting Chairman of the Southern Nevada Confederation Of Clubs, I am a small business owner and also do work with another non-profit helping to create a program for veterans called the Veterans Culinary and Life skills Program. My main goal here with Rider SOS Accident Fund is to bring quality as a board member, to listen to and help those who have suffered an injury while riding their motorcycle. I have a BA in Business and am currently working on my MBA. I bring empathy, compassion, business acumen, strength, leadership and fortitude to the table and genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need.

Shalina “Tigger” Ozuna

Tigger grew up around bikes, often joining on rides with her stepdad.  The passion for riding only grew and later she married her husband who is also an avid rider who helped ignite her passion for motorcycles.  Currently she is learning to ride as well, in addition to being a passenger.


Tiggers passion to help others is what ultimately brought her to Rider SOS, seeing the family of riders we have here, and how we all come together when something happens, or even before hand, she knew she had to be part of this!


Tigger works full time in the motorcycle industry as an accountant, and has brought her talent to Rider SOS Accident Fund to assure all of our accounting is perfect as well!  Her years of experience have allowed us to offer many free services to riders including fee free fundraising and more!