Rider SOS | How We Help
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We are a donation based 501(C)(3) group.  Those donations are to help injured riders based on financial need.  We can help with regular costs of daily living such as power, food, or other necessities as long as funds are available and our criteria is met.  We will also help look at your finances to see where you can make adjustments to help hold you over until you are able to return to work.  We are not financial advisers, but our experience may help you find some savings in your daily spending.

Medical Equipment

Riders have some of the worst injuries in vehicle accidents due to the lack of a car to protect us.  Injuries often reflect that, and insurance does not always cover items that are needed.  If you need a walker, scooter, crutches, wheelchairs, shower chairs or other medical equipment, just ask.  If we have it, we will loan it to you for however long you need it.  This is a donation based part of our program, we rely on donations of medical equipment to be able to loan it out.  If you have a piece of medical equipment you are no longer using, please contact one of our volunteers to arrange a drop-off.

Family, Emotional and Spiritual Support

A crash is a traumatic experience for both the rider as well as the family members.  Having someone to talk to about your crash can help.  Be it the rider that needs to talk, or a family member, one of us is always here to listen!  We are not counselors, we are here as compassionate listeners who have been through similar experiences.  We can also refer you to professionals if you need. After a crash, many people ask for prayers, but some family members ask for more.  We are networked with the local Motorcycle Ministries to be able to offer Spiritual Support when requested.  These folks will ride to you and pray with you and your family.

Transportation and Accommodations

Need help to get to the doctors or the grocery store?  Just ask and we will ask one of our volunteers to help you as long as they are available. If you are coming to help an immediate family member after a crash, we can assist with hotel rooms or places to stay while you are here to assist your loved one that was involved in a crash.  Based on availability and or volunteers.

Memorial & Funeral Arrangements

Planning a Memorial or funeral is both overwhelming and a financial burden for most.  We have volunteers who have been there with their family members, who are willing to go through the process with you.  They understand the overwhelming amount of work it is to plan a funeral and will help you through the process.  Rider SOS Accident Fund will also help contribute to the costs of the funeral if funds are available.


After a motorcycle crash, there are usually great financial burdens for the rider and family.  We can help with planning a fundraiser be it a vigil ride, bike wash, or a bbq, we will help you with planning and spreading the word about the event.

Legal Assistance

We have built a network of support that includes a highly experienced law firm.   The law firm is an AV rated trial based firm with experience handling hundreds of motorcycle accident cases every year.  Being in a crash is often confusing and has many legal repercussions.  Our supporting law firm is available to answer questions and guide you through the process of filing a claim against the other party if applicable.  They have made themselves available to discuss other legalities as well.